Saving money on your hols…

Here’s a few basic tips on how to save money on holidays without appearing to be mean!

Travel agents are not always the cheapest. It’s amazing that there are still so many travel shops around – a testament to the fact that a lot of people can’t be bothered to use a mouse to find a better deal.

Be flexible – there is a reason why things done at the last minute are often cheaper than those holidays planned months in advance.

Check out some loyalty programmes – most only take a few minutes to fill out all the boring details. Look for those deals that let you use your rewards basically as gift cards that can be use towards any travel related purchase like hotels and fares.

Insurance – don’t leave home without it, but do stay out home and do some online research for the best deals. There is a huge variation in what companies will charge – especially through travel agents, as they will rely on this to earn them a decent commission.

When you are on holiday, don’t be lazy – do you always need to take that expensive taxi? Most places will have some public transport, or you could even try walking back to the hotel after the big meal!

The hotel – Do you have to stay at the best hotel in town or will the one very slightly away from the centre be good enough – it will most likely be much cheaper. If staying in towns and holiday resorts in the UK, then good B&Bs are often almost a good as hotels, and always much cheaper.

The restaurant – an occasional visit instead to a supermarket where you might find some local delicacies, cheap wine and even some healthier food, will be doing your wallet a great favour.


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