Alternative Uses for Interior Doors

It can often be hard to part with your interior doors, even when they are look old and shabby. After years of providing good service, you feel guilty throwing them away.

But what if you didn’t have to do that? What if your doors could serve an alternative purpose in your home?

Well if you’re like me and don’t like wasting items, then you are going to love the following ideas as they will enable you to put your doors to good use, whilst saving you a load of money.

Idea One: Turn your doors into a desk – this idea is easier than it sounds. First to offer your door support either create some legs out of wood and bolt them to the door or alternatively take 2 two-drawer filing cabinets and place them 4 feet apart.

Depending on the type of interior door you have, attach safety glass to one side of your door and place the other side onto your legs/cabinets. This glass will give you a flat surface to work on that will better support your computer.

Idea Two: Use them to create room dividers – if you have got multiple wooden interior doors that you are getting rid of, attach these together using hinges to create a room divider. Once attached together, paint them to match your room and not only will they create privacy, but their door handles can also be used to hang baskets or coat hangers.

Idea Three: Turn them into coffee tables – similar to the desk idea, this time use regular metal or wooden legs to prop your door up and protect the top of your table using safety glass. Alternatively if your wooden door is free of panels, paint the surface to match the legs.

Tip: to make these table legs more interesting try using bricks or cinder blocks.

Idea Four: Turn them into headboards – if you have got several wooden interior doors going spare attach 2 or 3 of these together by screwing 2 boards across the back and attach them to your wall with brackets. This will give you a strong and supportive headboard with an interesting design twist.

Fun right? And incredibly easy to do too once you’ve got some hinges and some paint.

So if you are looking for interesting, alternative ways to use your old interior doors, why not give these ideas a try and offer your home a new coffee, desk or room divider?

Done carefully, you can offer you home unique furniture that costs you practically nothing to create.

Ian loves interior design and knows that when you buy doors online the cost can be great. He looked at ways to turn your old stuff into new stuff so your old items still provide value for money.


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