Student money saving tips

One of the most difficult things at University is to mange your money – personal budgets are one of the many things not taught at school! So here’s a few quick tips on how to avoid falling into debt at University:

Use the long break between leaving school and the first year at Uni. to earn some cash for a ‘fighting fund’!

Where possible buy second hand books, either online or by speak to last year’s students on the same course.

If you are not in the first year, consider selling some books for courses in the year below

Try not to eat out too much as convenience foods are very expensive – try and do a weekly shop

Ask shops and businesses if they do student discounts, but don’t buy something just because you are getting a discount – buy it because you need it!

Cheap travel – students can normally get a travel discount (eg railcard if under 25) – a coach or bus will generally be cheaper than by train, although it will usually take longer

Buy a bike – not just any bike, the cheapest one you can find second hand. Make sure you  make it ugly so that there is even less chance somebody will want to steal it (ie put on it lots of ugly stickers and black tape!)

Your junk is worth something – de-clutter the things you don’t need anymore, by getting rid of on

Join a Freecycle or Freegle group – some people manage to get most of their furniture and clothes this way.

If you have a skill (like a language, web developer, maths, music etc) you may be able to use it to earn money teaching others

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