Saving Money With Business Self Storage

Self storage facilities have emerged in the recent times as one of the most cost effective business storage alternatives. It is a business friendly option which would help you in lowering operational costs and being convenient for your business.
Here are some of the ways in which you can save money by using a self storage facility for your business.

1. Saving on hiring expensive commercial space

Investing in or hiring a commercial space for business storage solution implies higher costs. In addition to this, your investment gets blocked or you are bound by longer notice periods for surrendering of the rental space. Hire a self storage unit for competitive rental charges and flexible payment options.

2. Saving maintenance cost on security against theft

Avail the state of the art security features provided by a self storage facility with the likes of CCTV cameras, efficient alarm systems, automated doors, perimeter fencing and many more. Installation of these features implies a great deal of investment for an individual business entity. You are also able to make savings on salary expenses of the security guards and other supportive staff.

3. Saving maintenance cost on damage prevention

An eminent self storage facility makes no compromises on the damage prevention measures in order to ensure utmost safety of your possessions stored in a storage unit. The climate controlled units help in preserving your stock against heat, cold and humidity. Proper measures are ensured for protection of stock against natural adversaries like fire, water and pest. An appropriate secure storage otherwise attracts high investment for an individual.

4. Using storage unit as a distribution hub

You can better use the storage unit than merely a place for keeping your stuff locked in it. Since you can work around the place, you can use it as distribution point for packing and delivering directly from the unit.  This would not only help in accelerating your delivery timings but would also enable you to save loading and unloading costs.

5. Tax deduction

In certain cases, the prepaid amount of your annual fees of the storage space is eligible for tax deduction from your income. In case you are moving your business to another location then the space storage rentals covered under relocation expenses also qualify for tax deduction. These deductions are subject to various limitations and rules as per the law of the land.

 6. Availing discounts

In order to attract more customers, most self storage units offer several discount schemes with the likes of Customer Referral Program, Patriot Discounts and discounts on prepayment of annual charges. You can further make savings by qualifying for these discounts.

7. Complimentary services

Various self storage facilities provide business services like meeting rooms, mail box, internet facility, fax, copy machine and many more. This aids in handling of certain business activities directly from the facility itself thereby saving your time and money.
An entrepreneur can cut down expenses and grow his business by leaps and bounds by smartly utilizing these self storage services

Author Bio: Lauren Addis is a professional writer. She has many years experience in self storage services. She is very expressive and always wants to share her professional experience with her audience. She regularly writes Guest post about Storage and removal services in London. She loves to spend her time with family and friends.

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