Saving money on home security

The crime rate continues to rise in 2012, and coupled with planned cut-backs in the number of police, now is a good time to consider some basic, low cost crime prevention tips. Whilst none of the suggestions below will be enough to ensure lower home contents insurance, you may feel more secure in your home and be prepared to have a higher insurance excess which will allow you to have a lower insurance premium. If you were to have an alarm installed or CCTV then these would enable your insurance costs to fall but they are quite expensive and will take a long time to pay for themselves.

So here are some basic tips over and above the obvious things such as locking doors and windows:

Motions sensor spotlights – these are very cheap to buy (set of two might be around £25), but you will need an electrician to install and I would recommend having one at the front and one at the back of the house. Aside from the security angle they are quite useful for if you need to pop outside at night time (eg putting out rubbish bins).
Front door video intercom – A little bit more expensive this item – systems start from about £100 and you can get ones which just plug in so there’s no need for an electrician. You can also get them with night vision, infra red LEDs and a panic button.

Replica CCTV camera – Of course you can go for the real thing but a fake one, which looks exactly like the real thing, can cost as little as about £20!

Parking bollard – If you have a car that is parked on a driveway, then it is a great investment to buy a removable or retractable bollard or post. A padlock parking post will cost from around £50–60 and if you buy one made of tough weatherproof it will last out last the car, and probably the next car as well. Anyone trying to steal you car will also have to deal with the parking bollard which is easy to use and can be install by a competent DIY-er!

Anti-climb spikes – These can be place on the top of fences and gates and just send out a message that you have taken home security serious.

All of the above can be enhanced with a few warning signs including a ‘Beware the dog’ whether you have a dog or not. Actually owning a dog is one of the best home security measures you can have – even a small dog which can bark is something or a warning /deterent – mind you, owning a dog is not a cheap option although it is a fun one!

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