How to save money on energy and sports drinks

If you watched the 2012 BBC Panorama programme called The truth about sports products then you probably won’t be wasting money on energy drinks. Not mentioning any particular brand, the programme argued that protein supplements and sports drinks don’t actually do what they say. A jam sandwich and water would give you as much energy as any of the huge array of sports drinks, and these drinks mainly consist of lots of sugar and a little salt. Most of the ‘benefit’ is physiological. The manufacturers are acutely aware that the sports style packaging and image is as important as the contents.

This probably won’t come as too big a surprise that the energy drinks industry seems to be all about ‘marketing’ rather than the production of a useful item – something that we actually need! It may be that this article doesn’t do justice to the arguments, so it is worth looking up the programme on YouTube or the BBC website and making up your own mind.

Sports drinks – or Beet It!

So returning to the point of this blog, the way to save money on energy drinks is basically not to buy them. However, there does seem to be some evidence that there is one natural energy drink which does have some evidence of actual sporting performance enhancement. The makers of BEET IT an Organic Beetroot Juice claim that their drink will “boost stamina and is highly recommended by some of the UK’s leading sportsmen and nutritionists”. They say that Beet IT SPORT will boost oxygen usage efficiency, speed up recovery time and increase stamina by up to 15-20%.

I have no evidence to support these claims although I have tried the drink and it tastes surprising nice (for someone like me who has unhappy memories of forcing down beetroot which seemed to accompany every salad that I had as a child!). As well as sporting benefits, the high concentration of Nitric Oxide in beetroot juice also plays and important role in regulating blood pressure and the immune system.

So my suggestion would be not to buy any of the big brand name ‘energy’ drinks and instead try the Beet It organic Beetroot Juice and see if it works for you. You can find out more about the product from the ‘beet it’ website.

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