How to Save Money When Renovating Your Home

Don’t put off renovating your house because of the costs, as it’s possible to make some big improvements without breaking the bank!

It’s a fact that house refurbishments can go over budget more than self-builds, as something unexpected can spring up along the way.

With this in mind, careful planning and budget-management can help you keep your house renovation project on track, without any nasty surprises.

Brush up on your DIY skills to tackle some of the basic labouring, such as painting, wallpaper-hanging, or tiling, for example. But unless you’re a qualified electrician or plumber, don’t take on any tasks that should be left to a professional.

Buy pre-owned furniture and fittings: check online auction sites, flea markets, auction rooms, recycling centres and charity shops and you’ll get some real bargains.

Maximise existing space to ensure every area is used to optimum efficiency. You may not have the money to knock out walls to open up rooms, but you can replace bulky old shelves and units in your kitchen with pull-out drawers or racks, for example, making the most of the space you have.

Save money on renovating an old, empty fireplace by simply inserting a bioethanol woodburner fire, as this can be a far cheaper and simpler alternative than installing a traditional fireplace. They’re also smoke-free, so there’s no chimney-cleaning required.

Other quick fixes include adding a mirror on opposite walls of a small room to give the impression of space, or repainting doors, window frames and interior walls to brighten them up. Even an amateur can do a decent job. A major steam-clean of soft furnishings and carpets can also make a big difference.

When you’re counting the pennies for your house renovation, plan ahead, estimate the costs – and then see if you can afford it. If not, scale down to what you can afford. This way, you can refurbish your home to a good standard – without leaving yourself in debt to do so!

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Renovating a House Infographic

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