Reduce water bills

Save water

Save water and reduce those bills

Save water and reduce those bills

Reducing your water usage with some of the following tips will save you money if you’re on a water meter – or just help the environment if you’re not:

  • A quick shower uses far less than a bath
  • When washing up dishes, don’t leave a tap running. If you want to rinse items, wash several and then rinse together.
  • Don’t use a dish washer – they will always use more water than washing up with a bowl.
  • When it is time to replace your existing washing machine find a water efficient machine. An inefficient machine will use about 60 litres per wash as against and efficient one which will use about half that.
  • Turn the tap off when you clean your teeth
  • Take a 1 or 2 litre water bottle, fill it and put it in the toilet cistern – then you will use 1 or 2 litres less each time you flush.
  • Assuming you have a garden that needs watering from time to time, then by far the best thing you can do is buy a water butt and connect it to a house or shed downpipe.
  • Recycling ‘Grey’ water generally involves considerable expensive (i e connected to a toilet system etc) but if you are prepared for a long pay-back then you might consider this option
  • Mulch your garden plants (ie cover with leaves, wood chippings or some other natural materials) as this reduces the need to water

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