Energy Saving Tips

Oven and heat source

Oven and heat source

Many people don’t know it, but your heating bill can be considerably reduced with just a few well known tricks.


Your oven can heat up your kitchen quickly. That heat spreads throughout your house, especially if there are no closed doors to block the heat from coming in. In effect, using your oven on a warm day does not make sense economically. If you use air conditioning, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to get rid of the excess heat from your oven. If you use heat, your furnace might turn off, but you might have to use fans or the air conditioner to cool your living area. So, on a warm day, try to use your microwave. Better yet, eat something like a sandwich, that doesn’t require energy. The point is to work with your heating agents, not against them. Using your oven on a cold day is pretty obviously a great idea, because the extra heat from the oven will make your kitchen a delightful place to be and the excess heat will spread throughout your house, which will require less heat to come from your boiler.


Your dryer will probably work for about a half an hour to dry a load of clothes. If you have noticed, the heat that comes out of your dryer is directed outside of the building through the steam escape hose connected to your dryer. However, not all of the steam is released in this direction. Some of that steam escapes through the dryer door or through the dryer vent, and into your laundry room. That can make your laundry room very warm. Naturally, leaving the door open to allow the heat from the dryer to permeate the rest of your house can really lower your bill, because your furnace is set to a certain temperature. Once that temperature is met (through whatever means), your boiler turns off. When your boiler has turned off, you save money. So as you can see, washing and drying your clothes on cold days along with baking on cold days can lower your heating bills significantly!

Natural Heat

Many of us live with blinds and drapes on all of our windows, as well as with double doors. All of that insulation can also prevent us from using nature’s free energy, the sun. On a bright sunny day, draw open the blinds and the drapes and open the inside door in your house. The sun’s rays coming in through the glass panes will warm up those areas in front of your windows and doors and might become your pet’s favorite spot to sleep!

Check Your Boiler’s Filters

Your boiler is very important. If you have not had it checked by a professional boiler maintenance company, you could be wasting energy, because your furnace has filters that can be choked with dust and house pollens. Getting your boiler checked once a year is a wise habit to start!

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