How to save money on clothes

Upcycle clothes

Up-cycle and re-cycle clothes

Here are a few suggestions on how to save money on clothes. After housing, utility costs and food this is one of our biggest expenditure areas with the majority of women spending over £1,000 per year and men about half of this…

Charity shops and sales

Charity shops have multiplied on the high street in recent years and you can often find some really underpriced items without having to try too hard. Keep an eye open for closing down and clearance sales

Buy out of season

This requires a certain amount of forward planning but if it means saving 70- 80% on items then you can make huge savings

Take care of your clothes

As well as checking the label when washing, also make sure to store carefully when out of season. Ideally store clothes away from light, damp and dust – it is possible to buy vacuum storage bags which keep the clothes in a good condition as well as taking up limited space (so they can be kept under the bed for example or in a loft space).

Re-designed clothes – recycling and upcycling

You don’t need to be a top designer or even a whizz with a sewing machine to turn an old pair of jeans into some shorts or to take some scissors to a long sleeve shirt or top

Machine washed

Whether buying new or even old items from charity shops, look for labels which say ‘machine washable’ so that you won’t have to spend money on dry cleaning

Swap clothes with friends

Clothes you are bored with might find a new home by being swapped with something a friend has – a good excuse to meet up with them and have a bit of a laugh at the same time!

Renting or buying

If you are only going to use an item once then rent it. However what seems like a one-off now (eg needing a tuxedo) could turn out to be something you require several times over a few years. It might be worth buying a tuxedo – it is certainly worth looking round some charity shops for one. And remember, you can also wear something like that to a party if you fancy going as James Bond or similar!

Sell what you don’t want

If the item is in good condition and ideally has a recognised brand name, then it will be worth selling on Ebay. Jackets, dresses, shoes, handbags, jewellery – all sell well although you must make sure you have the postage and packing costs well covered or insist the buyer collects.

Author: Richard Bloomfield

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