Save money on your grocery shopping

Here are a few tips on how to save money every time you go grocery shopping:

Make a shopping list

By making a shopping list you write down the things you actually need and are then less likely to get drawn in to the many temptations that the supermarket will offer. The big supermarkets have years of experience in getting people to buy things they don’t need, so by simply sticking to your shopping list you will save a small fortune on those unnecessary items.

Soon to be expired produce

As well as the obvious items like fruit and veg, you’ll also find that there are quite a few items which have a daily expiry – things like cooked in-store meats and bakery items. If the supermarket closes at 9pm then after 7pm many such items have reductions of between 50-80%. Even the fruit and veg items approaching expiry can be frozen and used at a more convenient time for you.

Buying in bulk

This only makes sense if it’s things you need and use frequently. Some of the big money savers would include non-perishable items such as toilet rolls, tinned good, bin bags, toiletries etc especially if they can be purchased from the big discounter chains like Aldi and Lidl.

Shop around

If you are able to spread your shopping between several stores then the benefits of bargain hunting are obvious. Supermarkets often rely on ‘loss leaders’ which draw people into the store but the store then makes money from higher margin products which people buy for convenience. The more you can take advantage of the obvious loss leaders, the more you can save!

As with any saving, a lot of small things soon add up – there is no truer saying that ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves’

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