Check your assets

You should periodically review any assets you have

Are you a property owner?

Downsizing could be an option, but if you decide to do this, look at all these money saving ideas to maximise your return.
– Don’t discount the idea of renting a room out.

Do you have shares?

An obvious thing is to weigh up if you would be better off selling than paying interest – that’s your call. However, if you decide to hold your shares for the ‘long term’ you should ensure that they are placed in a shares ISA.

Cash in the attic?

Selling your junk on Ebay and at car boot sales is a no brainer!

Reclaim bank charges

Strange to think of bank charges as ‘assets’ but you may be ‘owed’ money by your bank due to mis-selling.

The car – think the unthinkable!

If you live in an area with good public transport ‘car hire’ for short periods is a serious option. Car rental for a few days a month would be cheaper than running a car let alone the capital tied up in owning one. Check out some car rental websites and if you must own a car it is important to shop around each year.

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