Recast the mortgage to save money on the payments against it

The costs of buying a home are high enough, and it is more so because of the mortgage, and the payments which you are required to make against it. So, is there any way in which you may be able to save money on the mortgage payments? Which is more important for you to do – save money or pay off the mortgage? It is best for you to balance both the mortgage payments and the savings. Other than this, there is also option, which may help you save money on the mortgage payments. This is mortgage recasting. However, while taking out a recast mortgage, make sure about the cost.

Mortgage recasting helps in money saving

In order to save money through mortgage recasting, it is important for you to first understand what mortgage recasting is all about. Mortgage recasting, also known as mortgage re-amortization, is a process through which you can try and lower the monthly payments. Amortization is when you pay off your debts in installments over a certain period, thereby reducing the principal amount borrowed.

Now, there are various advantages of re-amortization or recasting the mortgage. The main advantage is that it helps you with saving money. In case of recasting the mortgage, it helps with changing the mortgage terms and conditions. While you opt to recast your mortgage, it helps in lowering the interest rate and changing other terms of the home loan. However, there is another option too, which is going to help you with lowering the payments. If only the lender agrees to such a change, while keeping the other terms unchanged, may it be possible for you to save money on the mortgage payments.

Unlike refinancing or re-mortgaging, recasting is a little known option. Unlike that of re-mortgage, in case of recasting, you aren’t required to take out any new loan. In order to recast the mortgage, you will be required to pay some extra cash to the lender. This helps in the reduction of the principal amount, and thus the monthly payment amounts too.

For example, if you come across $60,000 and if you owe $200,000 on the home loan, you can forward the $60,000 to the lender. This is going to help in the reduction of the principal, from $200,000 to $140,000. So, the lender is going to lower the monthly payments with the reduction in the principal amount owed. However, banks do not always advertise about this option as this isn’t as advantageous to them, like that of refinancing.

Another advantage of recasting is that not all homeowners can be eligible to take out a new loan. However, if you can free up some cash, it may be possible for you to recast the mortgage. Yet, it would be wise of you to use an online mortgage calculator in order to decide, if at all this process is going to help you save money.


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