How to keep the house warm in a cheap and energy efficient way?

Winter is quickly coming our way and it’s getting cold. There are homeowners that are concerned with how they are going to keep their house warm during the cold season. More homes try to conserve energy after the rise in energy prices, but if you are trying to save money, it always looks like a losing battle as the energy bill is always more expensive during Winter.

There are some ways to conserve energy and make energy efficient choices in your home though. Some solutions are very effective but costly, others are cheap and simple. Let’s have a look at them…

  1. If you want to be energy efficient, it is very important that your house is fully insulated. Extra wall and loft insulation will ensure that your home will keep the warmth in, this is the most important and basic energy and money saving step. Of course many new homes will have it already but often older homes don’t have good insulation and will definitely benefit from it.
  2. Single glazing windows should be replaced by windows with double glazing. A lot of heat escapes from single glazed windows and half of this amount escapes through their double glazed counterparts. Another benefit of double glazed windows is that it adds extra security to your home. The glass is thicker and therefore a lot less easy to break. Very often double glazing looks nicer too, so your home will also improve aesthetically and will increase in value.
  3. Your boiler needs to work a lot harder if you put the central heating on every time it is cold. It is better to keep the central heating on a timer. If it comes on at regular intervals it’s more energy efficient.
  4. Standard light bulbs break down quickly. Replace the light bulbs with energy savers instead. The energy savers may seem costly at first, but they can last for as long as ten years. They also use a lot less energy than normal bulbs.
  5. Take out an energy audit. An audit is an efficient way to monitor where you can make changes to your house to help it run in a more energy efficient way.
  6. Alternative energy resources like solar panels are an excellent way to heat your home as energy prices keep on rising they become more popular too. At first you may think it is expensive to purchase one but effectively you get your electricity for free!
  7. You can consider an extensive house clearance but also put on a sweater! When you are getting cold don’t put on the heater but put on some warm clothing instead. It’s the cheapest way to stay warm and it works like a charm.

If we want to save the environment and want to save money at the same time, renewable energy resources are the way to go. Our usual energy resources dry up fast but there are many things we can do to conserve this energy and at the same time be nice to our wallet. Think about that the next time you run to the thermostat.

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