Cutting energy costs in summer

Here are some great ideas on to set about cutting energy costs in summer:


A laptop uses about 85% less electricity that a PC so using the former as much as possible could save £20 – £30 per year. But even a desktop PC with a high energy saving could save £50 or so over its lifetime.

For £9.99 you can buy a USB eco button which you press and your PC goes straight into sleep mode.

Don’t leave your TV or mobile phone plugged in or on standby – the Energy Saving Trust (EST) reckons this wastes the average household £37 per year.

Charging mobile phones and other devices at night can save money (if you are on an Economy 7 – low night rate) provided you use an Enviroplug which detects when the battery is full and shuts off the power. There are plenty of gadgets on the market which have an automatic standby shutdown – they generally cost anything upwards of £12.


Quite an obvious one! If you replace a traditional light bulb with an energy saving 6W LED this could save over £50 during the life of the bulb. Switch off lights when leaving a room – it is not true that switching them on again uses more power!

Kitchen appliances

This is perhaps an area where you can make the biggest savings in Summer. The difference between an energy efficient washing machine and an old one could easily amount to £40 saving per year, so if you old machine is coming to the end of its life look to replace with an EST recommended machine. Similar savings can be made with a dishwasher. Obviously in Summer you shouldn’t need to use a machine ‘drier’ (just hang up clothes), but if you have to use the drier then again a night time setting (if using Economy 7) will make a big saving.

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