Christmas shopping habits during the recession

Have you ever wondered about how much an average person is likely to spend on groceries and presents at Christmas time? In some recent research that was done by coupon website, they quizzed 1000 people and asked them to estimate their expenses this holiday season and compare it to 2007 in order to discover just how much of an effect the bad economic climate is having on families right now.

The men and women who took part in the research were asked to calculate how much money they are likely to be shelling out during Christmas 2012 and to match this figure against what they spent five years ago. They were also asked what sort of items they are likely to buy as gifts this year, and not surprisingly, electronic gadgets came high up on the list. Some other of the issues which were dealt with in the questionnaire included asking consumers if they predict that they are going to get into financial trouble because of Christmas, which family members get more money spent on them and if people consider it trickier to buy presents for men or women.

The infographic below compiles together the final results, and whilst you will easily notice that general spending is lower than before the credit crunch, it seems that individuals are not reducing their spending on Christmas groceries as much as you may think. The research also examined how men and women enjoy making their purchases today, with more and more people ordering the items that they need through the Internet every year. Buying from mobile devices is also on the increase and it appears that this development is going to continue for a long time.

The holiday season is a period when people’s normal shopping habits seem to change substantially, but how much are people really spending, and on what? Some of the finding of this study make very interesting reading and there are a lot of unexpected results, so keep on reading to find out more.

Christmas shopping habits during the recession

Infographic - Christmas shopping habits during the recession

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