Our Top 50 Money Saving Websites

50-money-saving-websitesAt MoneyMoz we’ve compiled a list of some of the best websites you can use to save money.

As well as household names and personal finance sites, we’ve also included some lesser known websites that offer great money saving services and tips.

Nominate a website
We have a confession to make – we couldn’t quite find 50 good websites! So we’re opening up the list to reader’s suggestions!

If you think we have omitted a worthy money saving website then we will add it to the list (free of charge)Contact us here – your prospects for inclusion will be greatly improved if:

  1. It is an authentic money saving website – a concise description will be useful
  2. If you are the owner of (or are connected to) your nominated website then we will expect a link from your website to this article
  3. No websites with payday loans, gambling or adult content

Money Advice
This is a Government backed website and a bit of a rarity in that you can find genuine independent money help and advice. There are some excellent tools and resources on the site including a cut-back calculator, a mortgage calculator and a way to calculate your pension income. As well as great on-page article advice on managing money, you can also ask questions to their online team – this service is even open on a Sunday.
This site helps you to keep track of you personal finances, enabling you to budget, plan, and track your spending and to you reach your financial goals – clear and simple graphs track where your money goes each month
The site explains financial and consumer issues very clearly and has useful sections on property, family finance, retirement and ‘unexpected life events’

Save around the home
Upload a picture of something you want to sell and for the price of a few cups of coffee (well £7.50!) their experts will give you a valuation within 48 hours – a kind of online Antiques Roadshow
If there’s anything that you no longer want or for stuff that has been festering in your attic for years, then this site is the no brainer. De-clutter equals cash (surprised Ebay has never used that one!)
MSE are big fans of this site! The main concept revolves around how you can spend less, live within your means and taking advantage of the many offers and discounts that are available – never pay the full price for anything!
Another favourite site being great admirers of Freecycling. This is a grassroots movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. They try and match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can make good use of them.
Not so much about saving you money as saving resources for the planet. Recycle your phone here and also get a small cash payment for it.

Car expenses
Simple concept… sign-up on their website and they will send you information on the cheapest fuel prices in and around your area (along with a load of other stuff they want to flog you!)
The site matches up business and home owners who have a spare parking space with drivers who need somewhere to park – some people can earn up to £300 per month from renting out a parking space.
If you are looking to buy or sell a car, credibility is the most important thing. WhatCar is an authoritative site so don’t go near a used car salesman without checking here first.
Rapidly expanding car and van rental company – plenty of UK and overseas locations and they have a very high level of customer satisfaction

Travel expenses
A price comparison site for airlines – work out a destination and then the cheapest route to get there. They compare over 1000 airlines to find you the cheapest flights and the fastest routes.
MSE loves this site as it supports UK and Ireland tourist attractions –not just the obvious ones like like Legoland, Cadbury World and Alton Towers but smaller, local attractions as well – just type in your county or town and a list of local attractions appears.
One of the earliest ‘dot com’ successes, the site offers great deals on hotels, restaurants, breaks and 1000s of other things you can do at the last minute!

Get paid to take surveys or do everyday online tasks such as searching, shopping and watching videos.

Price comparison sites
This is a ‘go to’ site for savings on utilities such as gas, electric, water, broadband, phones and insurance.
A fantastic site to find out more about how to save money on insulating and draught-proofing your home. Also the site to look at for subsidies for making a home more energy efficient eg the green initiative
A quick way to scan the high street for the lowest prices on household and other items – it’s all about price!
This site looks at the main supermarkets and high street chains and shows which ones offer the lowest prices.

Everyone moving home should have a look at this website – it’s used by nearly all estate agents and despite the efforts of Zoopla and others, it has a dominant market position. Easy to use and plenty of helpful features. I wish they would remove or allow you to filter out ‘shared ownership’ from the search menu – you keep seeing attractively priced homes only to see they are 30% shared ownership!
Two reasons to use this site. Firstly it is owned by Sarah Beeny who is wonderful and knows everything there is to know about the UK property market! Secondly the site offers an alternative way to buy, sell or let your property without costly estate agents being involved. You keep 100% control and pay 0% commission – I really wish this site would catch on!
This site is written by a leading UK property developer who provides a wealth of experience in buy to let. The site will guide the novice investor in how to maximise residential rental returns. If you are thinking about buying a property to let out, perhaps as part of a future pension pot, this site will teach you how to get the best possible yields (including advice on ‘development to let’) and how to avoid common pitfalls.
They specialise in providing sold property prices recorded by the Land Registry and have become a favourite site for estate agents and the consumer – there’s no smoke and mirrors involved here as the information is about homes that have actually sold.

Finance and Investing
If you invest in shares or anything connected with finance then you’ll already know this website and TV channel!
A fantastic website for the personal investor – as well as prices, charts and financial information on your shares there are also brilliant forums on most UK stocks where you can find all the gossips about the shares you own or are thinking or buying.
They describe themselves as the world’s greatest investment community which is quite a bold claim. It is an excellent site for finding out information on shares and explaining investment terms. Well worth signing up for their daily newsletter.
Although this site tends to focus on US financial news (which is a big factor for any investor!) it does have some of the strongest UK and Europe stock market news as well and excellent video interviews. Also a very good TV channel with the latest financial news updates.

Business and work
Worth a mention in any saving money article – if you need to contact friends and family overseas, then there is no better way than using Skype
If you are looking to buy just about anything for an office or a home business, then this site will probably have it – they offer free delivery on items over £50 and a price guarantee on everything they sell.
More people are working away from their main home during the week – this website matches others who may have a spare room to rent but want their home to themselves at weekends. The site also finds desk/office space and even meeting rooms.
If you are trendy media business or simply trying to impress the neighbours with your appreciation of art, this website allows you to rent artwork for a modest monthly fee.
Pioneering artist gallery, now focusing on creating contemporary, bespoke art for homes and offices at non rip-off prices!

Mamma.com – The Voucher Code Search Engine
Vouchers and codes on a whole range of goodies far too numerous to list here! They have an outstanding list of top 50 offers which is worth checking every few days.
A very busy looking site – you get the feeling that if there is an offer or voucher on anything you’ll probably find it here. It seems that just about every UK retailer gets a mention somewhere on this site. Worth following on Twitter if you want daily updates of the best offers

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