4 top deals that you may not have considered this Black Friday

Black Friday sales are coming up, which means frenzied buyers scrambling to get the last half-price flatscreen and online shopping baskets filled to capacity. The infamous shopping day is often associated with material goods and high-end technology purchases.

Sure, a brand new Playstation 4 Pro with a pile of games will be nice as a Christmas present, but it’s hardly a necessity. Black Friday is all about ‘wants’ instead of ‘needs’, which makes it great for buying gifts, but not so great for practical purchases. With the effect that Brexit has had on the UK economy, should now really be the time for bulk-buying indulgences?

Those across the country who scrimp and save their pennies will be focusing on more impacting purchases this holiday season. Look out for deals on more interesting or practical items that hold more meaning and uses than a Blu Ray player.

When most think of Black Friday they think electronics, but what other items could you possibly buy this Friday that could be considered a worthy investment? Here are just some things to consider investing in this Black Friday that you may not see on the front pages of ecommerce sites.

Experience something brand new

Try and be more philosophical with what you invest in. Leading up to the Christmas season everyone is fixated on material ‘things’, as opposed to new and exciting experiences. You’re more likely to remember the experiences that you have as opposed to the possessions you own. Life is about building memories through the experiences you share with others.

The deal: Virgin offers a service called ‘Virgin Experience Days’, which come with considerable discounts on selected experience days. For instance, you can dine at a Michelin-recommended restaurant with a loved one for as little as £53.50, with champagne cocktails included. You can even drive a selection of high-speed supercars for £145.00, reduced from £279.00, saving you 48%.

Invest in some attractive home improvements

Want something that’s going to earn you some money in the long run? You can substantially increase the value of your home by implementing some home improvements. True, Black Friday sales are hardly going to give you a conservatory or a loft extension for pennies you can still pick up some great materials for cheap. Flooring is a great investment, hardwood flooring in particular is a highly attractive feature that can bring up the asking price of your home.

The deal: Flooring Megastore supplies an extensive range of laminate flooring, as well as carpets and vinyl times at discounts as high as 75%. For example, the Primo Excellence Elite carpeting comes at a price of £17.95 inc. VAT per remnant, reduced from £71.83.

For the more lavish brands, the Apollo Plus Tamarind range has a discount of 50%, costing £54.36 inc. VAT, which originally would have cost £108.72 per remnant. There are discounts across the entire range, so no matter what look you were going for, you’re guaranteed to find a bargain at Flooring Megastore.

Air Travel can be much cheaper too

Why not get away over the Christmas period? Maybe you could travel somewhere that will actually snow on Christmas day. Holidays might not be a sensible long-term investment like a home improvement, but it can still provide you with a memorable experience worth sharing with your family.

The deal: Regardless of Britain’s decision to leave the EU, travel firms are still slashing the prices of travel packages to entice British holidaymakers to go abroad over the holidays.

Black Friday will offer a wide range of getaways, whether it be in the form of a cheap flight or in an all-inclusive holiday package.

Thomas Cook are already advertising some really great deals on cheap package holidays for Summer 2017.

They aren’t the only ones either. First Choice, Thomson and Thomson Cruises will be rolling out some amazing savings on flights and holiday packages on 23rd November on their websites and in-store.

For those looking for globe-trotting tours on a tighter budget, look for STA Travel, the tour providers who are cutting prices on tours of Asia over £750 by up to £100. This offer only lasts if you book between 27th and 30th November, so book your place while you still can.

Bring down the cost of your mobile contract

Mobiles and other gadgets are more suited to the popular opinion of Black Friday, but instead of buying a brand new phone you should look out for some ways to save money on your contract. Check with your current mobile provider to see if they’re willing to offer you a discount on your existing contract. They might even upgrade your phone for cheaper than a new phone would cost.

The deal: Phone providers such as mobilephonesdirect.co.uk and mobiles.co.uk offer a vast array of upfront cost discounts on phone when you opt in for a contract, coupled with a selection of popular handsets such as the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy A3 and the iPhone SE. We recommend the iPhone 7 deal at £31.50 a month, unlimited texts and minutes, 3GB data allowance, plus £100 off on upfront cost, totaling at only £100 upfront cost.

What deals will you uncover this Black Friday? Better act fast before they’re all snatched up!

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