Money Saving Tips

The best way to save money is to…

‘Economise a little bit on a lot of things’. This website has hundreds of suggestions on how to save money and we are always on the look-out for more ideas. So to start things off, here’s a list of some easy ways to help improve your finances. You’ll also find many other suggestions in our money saving blog.

Save around the home

Get rid of all the useless clutter that you have about your home – you won’t believe the amount of surprising things you can sell on Ebay. If you are moving home then we’ve got five great money saving tips for you. Make your home more energy efficient and take advantage of the Green Deal (there are still some providers!) and save money on a range of your utilities.

Save at work

Most people think of pensions as being one of the most boring topics on the planet – it’s possible you might have a different view if you were told it was like being offered free money? If you are running any kind of home or small business then you will need a website – whilst most people worry themselves over a great looking design, the starting point for a website needs to be good web hosting company (that link is to our web hosting company and like anything on this website we wouldn’t recommend without doing it ourselves!)


We always say that cheapskates make Savvy shoppers – if you’re a savvy shopper then you’ll probably know most of these ways to save money on groceries. You might also like to see our Top 50 Money Saving websites – we are not actually quite up to 50 sites but we will be soon! And finally for the healthly cheapskate, here’s some useful advice on cutting down on gym costs.

Upcycling and Recycling

Upcycling is the new rock n roll! But seriously, read about some fun upcycling here plus blog articles on re-purposing clothes, doors and furniture

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